It is hardly big news to state that the AI sector is recognised as one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. The growth in AI in the UK is only going to increase, Gartners 2018 CIO survey states that nearly half of UK CIO’s are planning to invest and deploy AI within their businesses. Furthermore with UK Government committing investment of multi-millions of pounds and a desire from venture capitalists to be involved in the new tech generation, there is a huge increase of AI start-ups across the UK.

The rapid expansion of the AI sector is already causing a shortage of experienced candidates, leading to one of the biggest challenges for every business leader in AI, which is how do they compete to attract great talent to their organisation.

There are a number of steps you can take to gain an advantage in your hiring process to secure great people and keep them with you as you build your brand and AI capability.

Stream line your process – To make yourself attractive to candidates, simplify your process, choose your internal team of interviewers and decision makers and make sure they understand the business strategy to recruit on time, the candidate brief and most importantly the flexibility of the brief.

Remove the burning hoops – Don’t make it impossible to join your team. Yes you want effective, capable people but be prepared to be flexible on skills, not everyone can be or should be a mirror image of you or your CIO. Make sure your technical tests are fit for purpose and at the level required for the job you are hiring for. Technical tests that are almost impossible to pass unless you are the genius that wrote it, will stop your business growth dead in its tracks.

Be brave on culture – Culture is important but to be a successful business this needs to continually improve and organically adapt. Be brave to employ people who can deliver for you but may challenge the status quo, think differently, act differently. Often these people can bring something new to your business that you will not have thought of.

Remember Unicorns don’t exist! – Often companies will be scared to make a good hire decision because perfection has not been achieved. In a competitive market-place, be aware you may need to nurture and train that missing 10% of experience into your new recruit. One major upside to this is excellent employee retention, you will have someone that feels valued and openly promotes your business and provides positive reinforcement of your culture.

To summarise, if you can streamline your process, plan to succeed and allow your future employees to do so and be realistic and brave on your hiring decisions you will improve your time to hire and develop an engaged, valued team of people motivated to deliver your plans.

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