AI Recruitment – The Why, How, When, What & Who

AI talent is in high demand – with the industry booming and tech giants investing heavily in artificial intelligence technology, there seems to never be enough of specialists that can help turn the ambitious plans into reality.

However, since the industry is just taking its first steps, the AI recruitment process is still not very developed – there’s a lack of information about how to enter the industry, even though companies are always feeling the pressure to find more AI researchers.

But because of that, there are great opportunities for those that understand how recruitment for AI-based position works. If you have the right set of skills, knowledge, and experience, there’s no limit to the kinds of opportunities that could come your way.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the more pressing questions and will dive into everything you need to know about AI recruitment.

Why Are Jobs in AI So Promising?
If you haven’t been working in the AI field for the past few years, you may have missed the boom of technology and possibilities that are currently developing in the industry.

Today’s artificial intelligence technology allows creating intelligent solutions that mimic human learning patterns and teach themselves to make educated decisions that will enable AI to replace humans in a wide range of complex areas.

In fact, if the full potential of AI would be realised, it’s likely that it would be able to perform many tasks much better than humans. In some cases, like in processing large amounts of data, that is already true today.

But to make all of these amazing possibilities a reality, companies need bright minds that have advanced knowledge in the various areas that AI encompasses and can help solve the most pressing problems that keep those ideas from moving forward.

So, if you have a graduate or a doctoral degree in tech, engineering or similar field and have a passion for AI technology, this is the perfect time to pursue a career in the field, as you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

The trend of growth in the industry is poised to continue at least for another decade, if not more, as more and more applications for artificial intelligence are discovered, so if you get into AI now, chances are you’ll have excellent career prospects going forward.

How to Build a Career in the AI Field?
One thing you need to understand about pursuing a career in AI is that it’s not a singular field – the requirements you’ll need to meet will vary greatly depending on the type of artificial intelligence that you will be developing.

Some areas rely more heavily on mathematics or computer science, while others are more rooted in engineering or even robotics, so you need to figure out which area matches your interests and your abilities best.

And no matter which field you choose, you will need to have at least a solid grasp on all of the abovementioned subjects and then have one expert-level specialty that makes you a valuable asset to the company.

When to Reach Out to Companies You Want to Work With?
There isn’t a better time to enter the world of AI than now, so there is no reason to wait until some magical time window opens that would increase your chances of success.

If you have sufficient credentials and knowledge in the field, you will have no trouble finding companies that are interested in your services. Probably all of the bigger players in the AI world are actively recruiting new talent, so if you’re a worthwhile candidate, chances are that you’ll have at least a few offers on the table if you look around for opportunities.

And even if you’re unsure of whether you’re ready to pursue a career in AI, it won’t hurt to give it a shot – if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have a better understanding on what you need to improve to have a better chance next time around.

What Else is There to Know About Working in AI?
If you want to give yourself the best chance of building a successful career in AI and making a real difference, you must make a lifelong commitment to keeping up to date with all of the developments in the industry.

You should become a sponge for all tech news related to AI and try to gain a deeper understanding into different applications that artificial intelligence can offer.

If you’re not on top of everything that’s happening, even if you were to get a job in the industry, it would be hard to maintain it, as the industry is changing so fast that your knowledge would become outdated in a matter of years, if not months.

Who Are the Best Companies to Work For?
When choosing an AI company that you want to work for, you should do your research and become familiar with the company’s culture, its achievements, and their capacity to turn the projects into a reality.

You should also consider which field in AI is the most relevant to you – AI technology is being applied in various industries, from transportation, to healthcare, engineering, finance, retail, education, and many others.

Once you start working for a company, your knowledge will likely become more focused on a narrow area, which is an excellent thing if you want to work in the industry, but not so great if you’re going to enter an entirely new AI field.

That’s why you should take the time to really understand what types of AI projects you want to work on and then work to deepen your knowledge in that area.

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